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This is Wales. This is Trade and Investment.

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This is Wales

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 Bad Wolf

Biometric security


User friendly

If you lose your device it’s harder to hack


These can’t be changed if compromised




Personal therefore should be easy to recall

Very easy to set up

If you forget can be difficult to recover depending on software or provider

Identity theft and the temptation to reuse passwords means if one is compromised it’s likely that will give access to other sites or software etc.



Connected to the internet so lots of information readily available.

Allows to work with multiple people in various locations synchronously with hangouts


Fixed location, I was tied to one area

Old equipment which is lower spec and felt sluggish


Very easy to set up

Instant replies

Requires internet

You must know name of the person you want to speak to


Lots of options

Easy to embed

May not be available if taken down

Hard to confirm information is correct or if copyright is being infringed

The team mostly got the work done, I feel this was probably by accident rather than design.  It was hard to concentrate when some are moaning, swearing or angrily muttering about how stupid the task is.  I would not say this was a successful partnership.

Collaboration can bring some very interesting information that you may not have thought of to light, or show a different perspective on the topic.  People can become comfortable and use the same resources over and over, it’s almost like having a fresh view when it’s a collaboration.

Facetime and skype

Postal letter and email